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After School Programs | Shin's Family Martial Arts

At Shin's Family Martial Arts Center, we offer a unique after school program that offers positive reinforcement through participation in an engaging extra-curricular activity. Students bring their homework to our study room, where tutors and supervisors engage with students, making sure they are actively working on their assignments. We believe it is important to stay present with the students, rather than leaving them to their own devices. Through interaction with their peers and supervisors, students learn to remain focused on the task at hand. Over the years during which we have provided this program, we have witnessed a marked improvement in student grades and in students' attitudes toward take-home work.

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Benefits of our after school program:

  • Improves concentration skills
  • Encourages students to remain focused
  • Interaction between peers and supervisors
  • Tutors available to help with assignments
  • Our programs are award-winning
  • Strong emphasis on family values and discipline

Being Active Increases Academic Learning

In our environment, we are constantly providing feedback to students, reminding them of the end-goal of fun in the gym, so that they are encouraged to finish homework in a timely manner. Parents love that when they pick up their children, they can trust that not only is work completed, but the children have also been given plenty of time to be active as well.

Incentives that we couple with our after school program include:

  • Kickboxing training
  • Anti-abduction exercises
  • Self-defense techniques
  • Acrobatic martial arts
  • Tumbling and Martial arts Acrobatics
  • Interactive games
  • Bungee exercises & games
  • Trampolines and zip line

Effectively Balancing Work & Play

A child whose energy has a positive outlet is able to learn how to channel his or her age-appropriate energy. In our after school program, we accept students beginning in first grade, all the way through the completion of high school. Concentrating on homework can be difficult for younger students, and our program is designed to positively encourage students to remain diligently focused, and to improve concentration. We do this by providing incentives upon completion of the task at hand. When children know when and where they are allowed to be active, it is easier for them to sit still for short periods of time in order to complete homework and to study.

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