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From performance martial arts to practical self-defense techniques, Shin's Family Martial Arts Center specializes in honing your fitness levels and boosting confidence through self-discipline, exercise, and an increased sense of self awareness. In our traditional martial arts classes, students learn the beautiful techniques of an age old discipline. Each of our martial arts programs emphasizes a different purpose and technique. We are certain you can find a program at our center that meets your needs.

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Why choose Shin's?

  • Teaching family values and discipline
  • Award winning programs
  • Specials and coupons available
  • Continuous improvement of our facility
  • After school program
  • Focus on discipline, team work, and diligence

At our center, we teach a variety of martial arts programs. We offer self defense classes, during which children are taught to prevent and ward off potential attacks and to avoid abductions. Simulated attacks help prepare students for real-life scenarios in which they put to use the skills they learned. Tae Kwon Do and Krav Maga are also part of our self-defense programs.

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At the head of our Valencia martial arts center is a Tae Kwon Do Grand Master who is dedicated to instilling a passion for the martial arts in all our students, for every program we offer. We encourage our students to take the initiative of learning and training various martial arts so they can fully comprehend self-defense. It also allows for multiple activities and training of the mind and body.

Inspiring Hard Work & Dedication Through Martial Arts

From black belt to leadership clubs, students earn the respect and prestige of high-level training for their martial arts education. Giving students a goal to which they can aspire encourages hard work and dedication. In addition, our leadership clubs teach students responsibility and respect for their peers. We offer several options for martial arts training, including kick and flip - an acrobatic martial arts - and Xtreme martial arts - a full-bodied, focused art form. Each program is designed to be accessible for a variety of ages and ability levels. Our Masters Club offers students the opportunity to compete with demonstration teams.

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